Ariel is a comic author, art director and illustrator living near Rome, Italy.
Self-taught, much of her learning came from working as an interpreter at the prestigious Idea Academy, where she had the pleasure to work and study with great teachers of many fields of visual arts, among which are Nathan Fowkes, Enrique Fernandez, Jim Moore, Julia Sardà.
She's the co-founder and President of Attaccapanni Press, award-winning small indie editing label publishing Anthologies on interesting and diverse themes with stories by seasoned professionals and talented beginners, for which she still works as an editor and do-it-all today.
From 2020 she has started working as Service Art Director for Book on a Tree, London-based Creative Agency and production house for all kind of narrative ventures. She's currently working on 'Un Nido di Nebbia', written by Andrea Voglino, for Tunuè.

Photo by Thomas Toti



"Tomato, Tohmahto, Caporalato" - feature comic for Food Issue (The Nib)
"The Civil War of Amos Abernathy" - book by Michael Leali, cover and back cover art by me (Harper Collins)


"La Bambina che Voleva diventare un Sasso" - story and line art by Sio, color by me (Feltrinelli Comics)
"Stand Together" - illustration for Comrade Himbo (Pome Press)
"Fey" - short comic written by Atla Hrafney for Nectar (Discord Comics)
"Picnic" - art for Bittersweet Zine
"Round" - art for Loaf Tarot Deck
Mycelium Magicae - self published risograph booklet
"Cloud Update" - Guest Comic for Blissverse


"I Nuovi Noi" - art for graphic novel written by Andrea Voglino (Elma Research & Chiesi Farmaceutici)
"Pride" - Poster illustration for La Falla Magazine's pride month edition
"Low Libido" - guest comic for Oh Joy Sex Toy
"When I Grow Up" - short comic for Pink Clover Magazine (Pink Clover Press)
"Going Steady" - Cover Art for Going Steady (Pome Press)
"Afternoon Snack" - illustration for Grimorio III (Attaccapanni Press)
"The Power of One" - short comic interview for Pagine Verdi (Attaccapanni Press)
"Pro Player" - illustration for Day Off (Attaccapanni Press)


"Creamy Conversations" - comic story & cover art for Come Together (Discord Comics)
"Sillyness Saves you, Seriously" - article for Firestarter Magazine
"Oltregomma" - two short stories for Alias Comics (with national newspaper "il manifesto")
"Europe Response" - short comic for The Nib
"Golden" - two illustrations for #Hardcover, project by Spiridon Giannakis
"Al suo Servizio" - short comic story for Clessidra 2 (Attaccapanni Press)
"Leonard Da Vinci" - art for graphic novel written by Marwan Kahil (21g)
"Terrarium" - illustration for Petal Dance Zine
"Rain" - illustration for Frog Zine (Pink Clover Press)
"Family Kebab" - illustration for Ours Food Zine
"Ambiguity" - risograph illustration for Papayas, Pineapples & the Apocalypse zine (Ossi di Peppia)
"The couple" and "The Elements" - two illustrations for Athanor (Antonio de Luca Studio)


"Daddies and Littles" - guest comic for Oh Joy Sex Toy
"L'Equilibrista" - illustration in Cyrcus (Granadilla Lab)
"Arach" - illustration in Nomen Omen vol.2 (Panini Comics)
"The Audition" - short story in Grimorio II (Attaccapanni Press)
"Touching Through Hoops" - in Score! anthology (Strawberry Comics)
"Oltregomma" - short story in Alias Comics #4 (with national newspaper "il manifesto")
"Minimenù" - cover art (color), illustrations & recipes (Attaccapanni Press)
"Quelques pincées de désir" - short stories (Tapages Nocturnes)


"Temperatura" - short story in AVE (Attaccapanni Press)
"Melagrana" - comic introduction & Editing of the project (Attaccapanni Press)
"Oltregomma" - two short stories in Alias Comics #1 and #3 (with national newspaper "il manifesto")
"Aftercare" - "Oh Joy Sex Toy Volume 4" distributed (Limerence Press)
"Flames of Hell" - L'Immanquable, April Issue
"Dates 2 Anthology" - bonus kickstarter illustrations, for Margins Publishing


"Little Waiting" - graphic novel (Slowcomix)
"The Pond Witch" with Laura Guglielmo - Grimorio anthology (Attaccapanni Press)
"Taste of Summer" and "Taste of Winter" - L'Immanquable, July and December issues
"Tiny Tasty Toast of Terror" - illustration contributor (Reverie Studio)


"Crumble Me" - Food Porn anthology (Strawberry Comics)
"Voglio fare lo Scienziato" - Mondadori (Children's Book of the month, November, Biblioteca Salaborsa of Bologna)
Special Mention in the Artbook "Level Up! The Art of Circus" by Level Up Project
Pattern for "Karmapolis" by Greta Xella and Enrico Nebbioso Martini (Renbooks)


2021 - "ICONS" partecipated & curated group exhibition for Mana Project Studio @ Milan
2021 - "Le Innamorate", poster for MOLESTExCHEAP @ Bologna
2020 - "Final Girls" group exhibition - @ Spoke Art virtual gallery
2020 - "Superheroes & Supervillains" group exhibition - @ Bricòla Magazine
2019 - "Papayas, Pineapples & the Apocalypse" group exhibition - Torino
2019 - "Modern Witch", group exhibition for Bricòla festival @ various locations
2019 - "Insalata Russa", piece exhibited @ Les Petites Madeleines (Turin Palace Hotel) - Torino
2018 - "Batman: Vita con Alfred", guest piece at group show @ Ascoli Piceno
2018 - "1938 – 2018 Ottant’anni dalle leggi razziali in Italia" group exhibition @ Museo del carcere "Le Nuove" - Torino
2018 - "Tavola" group exhibition of self-published authors @ Spazio32 - La Spezia
2018 - "Self Love" group exhibition @ ARF!estival - Roma
2017 - "Suggimi" group exhibition for Renape @ Senape Vivaio Urbano - Bologna
2017 - "Little Waiting" solo exhibition for Renape @ Senape Vivaio Urbano - Bologna
2017 - "Grimorio" exhibition, with a double spread from "The Pond Witch" for Renape @ Senape Vivaio Urbano - Bologna
2016 - "Grimorio" exhibition, with a double spread from "The Pond Witch" @ Hula Hoop Club - Roma
2016 - "Once Upon a Time in Russia", International Exhibition @ Borey Art Center - St. Petersburg
2016 - Part of group show "Inklist" @ Monk Club & Hula Hoop Club - Roma
2015 - "Eat&Doodle", solo show at Associazione Eno-gastronomica Dop&Doc - Roma
2015 - "Girls on Film", piece for Sexy Rock @ Galleria Parione 9 - Roma
2015 - Group show for Associazione 'Le Farfalle' @ Cantieri Rubattino - Roma
2014 - Group show WI-FI ART Event @ Circolo degli Artisti - Roma
2008 - Tribute to the Maestro, in a show to celebrate 50 years of painting for Maestro Gianpistone @ Poggio Moiano (RI)